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Belarus Belarus


Доброй ночи, прошу свои извинения за позднее время, но очень беспокоит один пропущенный в моём телефоне, звонил не понятный мне номер?, кто это?, и что он хочет от меня???
(+5975900666) кто это???, и что надо???

Ghana Ghana

Ben 10

I don't really know why this number was calling me early this morning,but I didn't pick it up anyway.its really getting annoying,why must this number call and what do they want from me,hush gush.

Malaysia Malaysia

Ordinary jane

Interestingly, this one's from Suriname (somewhere in south america near Brazil)
I wonder what they have for me there after ringing me up in the morning. I didnt bother to pick up anyway. Just ignore the call, its getting annoying how foreign numbers keep ringing me up.

Let us know about 5975900666

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