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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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3 calls in 2 days and the last time they just hung up without talking, obviously don't know about caller recognition.


it called me today as well. whose number is it?


02079461827 spam caller hung up as soon as i said hello


i dont know who is this


mensajes de un desconocido


i want the details about this


They rang my home landline (which is ex-directory and registered with the TPS!!!) and, when I didn't reply (thinking it must be a marketing call), they called my mobile.As the call appeared to be from Bristol, I knew it was telemarketing, so I did not answer it.


Hi, may I know who are you?


Looks like a local number but is sales call. About mobility or something, told me my number did not show on the TPS list. Rubbish!! Hate these calls!!


They said that someoe hacked my internet


I got a call from this number today at 12:41 PM IST.It is from Albania and I lifted it without thinking.Poor judgement on my part I agree.They cut it immediately after I lifted ie time 1 sec.I did not call back and blocked this number.Please put this onto your respective black lists because I think its a part of those missed calls scam.


Rang but no message left .


IRS lawsuit scammer


I want to know who this numbet


Some China operator spoke on the other end when answered


I get a missed call


Hola quiero devolver esta llamada..cuando quiero haceptarla se corta.


who is this calling


Microsoft Windows Computer Scammers calling about your computer! Called at 10:00PM !!!! Ask the Indian speaking guy if he knew what time it was and We don't have a computer! He hung up.


Thank u


Said second attempt. I will be arrested if I don'the respond to the automated voice message left....My response....go jump in a lake!


Claimed to be IRS.


Tried to say there were the IRS but always busy signal when called back. Said her name was officer Lauren Matthews.


This is a CRA impersonator. If you are looking for some fun, engage him with chatter, and ask him for his CRA identification number. Ask him what city he is calling from. If he says he is calling from Ottawa, ask him about some landmarks in Ottawa. Ask him who's tax return he is referring to, but do not disclose your name or any personal information. He will quickly hang up on you.


got a call on 25/5/2016. 2signals and no answer


Want to find out the person who called.


what hell are you


hey..I was sleeping this afternoon ..and when I look at my phone it says 2 missed call from an unfamiliar number I wanna know who it belongs to


When I call back a computer voice says Thank you for calling, bye


Claimed that I have a urgent shipment with them and asked me to press "0" to talk to the customer service




I received a miss call. May i know who is this


who called me.


Don't know who it is




got a call from 10000000118 but did not leave a message


I received a non-informative, but threatening phone call from a man named Richard Harrison who demanded that I, or my attorney call him before close of business or waive my right to counsel.


Called didn't leave message


Man called from this number, called me by my previously married name, and asked me to verify my SS#. When I asked why he needed me to verify my SS#, he was rude and said that he could explain things once I verified my SS#. When I asked who he was and what company he was calling on behalf of, he became infuriated and yelled through the phone, saying,"Ive got your birthdate and SS#. I'll just tell my clients that you were uncooperative". He then hung up the line.


Receive several calls from this number. It looks local, but it isn't. I answered and a woman with a heavy accent was on the line. I asked who was calling and she stated her name.....I then asked her from where, and continuing not to tell me why she was calling, said from still not really answering what I wanted asked what company, and couldn't really make it out. I would assume that is some type of debt collector using a number generator.


Left voicemail on my cell offering wireless security system. Told me to call a number in a completely different area code (425-312-7268). When I look up the second number, it mentions people getting a call from a different number (such as this 347 number, but lots of numbers are mentioned as the first number) telling them about the security system and telling them to call the 425 number. Blocking both numbers.


This is a Memphis, Tennessee area code, and I live in Memphis. I have a feeling the caller is masking their real location and showing me 901 so I'll answer. When I answer, there's a pause, then a complete disconnect. It seems evident to me that it's a robocall of some sort, because it's happened several times today. I've blocked it.


Who rings every day on this number?


stop calling me............................................


who called


Who's this


I received many calls from this number; I would like to know who called?


The person who Calls me claim to be a representative of the Company Parker&McKenzie (NEW York). He has connevted me to International Trading Commission (Washington DC). I Wonder if any of these Companies excist? Best regards