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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Calls every day 5 times a day


Just got a txt from this number telling me they sent a photo message


RM0.00 RHB: MYR 3998.00 was charged on your card num**97 at POH KONG-AMPANG TESCO on 19/08.Call 03-21683627  if you did NOT perform this transaction.From +601133885843


Let me know who call me from this number


Got a text saying : one of your friends added you to my "heroes app" and shared their list of top professionals. Check it out: Scam!!! So annoying!!!


Finally called the number back, was sent to a voicemail where I requested that they take me off their list. Their response? They have been calling me every half hour since.


Who call at this Number DS daily


Call often and leave a number to call back but when you do it is saying its out of order.


Reçu 2 appels de message automatisé s'identifiant comme Revenu Canada Trust. Premièrement le message est en anglais quand le gouvernement sait que ma langue de communication est français. De plus, le contenu mentionne que je ne dois pas ignorer cet appel. Il nous demande de les contacter ou que mon avocat les contacts. Lorsque nous avons rappelé, c'est toujours un message enregistré en anglais. Appelle pas très menaçante mais ça sent l'arnacque.


I got the same missed call, didn't answer thanx God probably a scam to hack out fones and our airtime will disappear.


Keeps calling me. Who is it ?!


Odd text with a tinyurl link. Smells like phish to me.


this no caling me but no reply


Has called 3 times today and leaves no message.


I downloaded a copy of my girlfriend's fb and I found that she's been texting this number...I want to know who it is.


Strange caller says customer service caller ID says Cust Service


Hi. This is Rachel from the credit card department! I was listening to the machine. Called the number back and it is not a working number.


Call and no voice


Who is this?


Called me just now said he was from UPS DELIVERY service, when I questioned him he hung up.


Received a phone call from 92705040


Received several phone calls from this number saying they have a pending suit against me. What the heck! Anyone else have calls from this jerk?


don't know who is it? and what he want but calls me every time.


Where is this no. From.


The number calls most weekdays you say hello or stay silent and the line goes dead. You can't call back as the lone goes dead - tossers


This number is from Baycorp. Call through on a private number, leaves voicemail with this number and a reference. Does not respond when you actually answer the call.


I want to check if this is a genuine TM number.


Got a call from this number. Told me to call it back.some guy tells me to i could lay my hands on him. Bet hed never call me again. Lol


This guy will not stop calling and leaving harassing and threatening messages. He says he is with scientology and will expose my personal financial information and have fellow scientologist stalk me. Says his name is Joe.


This is a scam company trying to push a fake cruise on you asking for your credit card becareful


Keeps calling and calling. I blocked it. Line shies from Los Angeles. I have no buainess dealings with anyone there. Saw multiple people claim it's possibly a fraudulent caller who claims to be Verizon.


For buying something


don't recognise number


Received 5 calls this morning, finally answered. Caller said he was calling about my Windows Computer, and said nothing more. I hung up and blocked the number. I would suggest you doing the same, it's obviously a scam.


who is calling me from this number


who does this number belong to?


how can i trace a call


Keeps phoning and when I answer the phone goes off


hallo Jeanette


Claimed there was a lawsuit against me by the IRS and to call back for further information. Called several times this month (August 2016)


IRS lawsuit scam.


American Red Cross confirming appointment.


Got same call, asked for me and a donation - I stated a very low amount,  then they 'transferred' me to another supposed human that wanted to verify my last name.  I asked them to indicate what they had on file - they again asked for my last name - and then again, when I asked the same question ('what name do they have on file") the third time they said "I understand" and disconnected.


Am sure call from this number is a scam as it was made to my office number.  Message was "Ignoring this call will be an intentional second attempt to avoid an issue appearance in front of magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal offense."  Do not respond!!!


Got a call today. Asked if I want to lower my credit card interest. They work for many companies.


Me dijeron que mi hijo se puso guapo y que le pegarian un tiro si no coopero.Hasta tenian un pendejo gritando " Mami mami" muy buen show que hicieron. Les dije que le pegaran el tiro en las bolas y me engancharon.


Also receive calls, no messages.