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Who called me




OCBC credit cards


Caller unknown


this number hucked my all accont i want know who carry this number


I keep getting robot Calls from someone claiming if I don?t return the call to them they will send a us Treasury Magistrate or Judge to get me. The phone number they want me to call is- 1-201-948-1061- They call more than twice a week for months.!!


Picked up the phone but did not say anythng....obviously a robo-call...and a scam.


They have called my cell from the 1087# 4 times today. Terrible recorded voice. Said they're with the IRS and that they need to speak to me in regards to an urgent matter. The 1st call came in this morning before 8a.m. After the 4th call, I finally tried to call it back. Got a recording that said "this Verizon Wireless customer, was unavailable at this time."


IRS Scam, telling me I am being sued and to call them for more information.


Hello I need info


I got a call from this number today 9/15/2016 also, 360-322-4946, listed as a Marysville, WA number. They left a voicemail saying they were the IRS and that I had "a non billable arrest warrant under my name so before we move forward with the lawsuit in the legal allegation contact us." Just for fun I called back and had a 10 minute conversation with a woman who had maybe an Indian or Bengali or Pakistani accent (sorry, it sounded like that and I can't tell which). I gave no identifying information other than she may have had caller ID to see my number. I told her it is a new number and the IRS does not have it affiliated with my name. Somehow she was able to give me a case number and when I told her that their number was listed online as a scam she asked me to tell her the number! I said its your call back number, you should have it. She said As a friend can't you tell me what it is? That was one of many unprofessional phrases she used in that conversation, that a true IRS worker would never have used. Another was when she said she was surprised that I thought an IRS call would come only from DC or the state in which I live. I told her I'd never lived in or done business in WA and she had no response for that. When I asked for her IRS ID number she gave me IRM272something, I say something because she made it garbled so I couldn't hear the end. I asked for her to repeat it six times and none of those times could I hear it. I could go on but this is clearly CLEARLY a scam. Please tell your friends, relatives, parents, especially those without Internet access about this so they don't get hurt by this scam.


Just received call. Said suing for SS. Wanted social security # tp release information. I refused to give my number. She got hostile and threatened me with I will see you in court.


Some pension schemes


Left message said I was eligible for a special loan rate-


Calls several times a day.I don't answer I look up number on my is a scam numberbhai


Calls all the time, different times of the day and does not leave a message. I do not answer the calls. So far 3 calls toda


Don't know who this is but similar numbers call me and may be a marketing call


Its a scam ran by AVISHEK DUBEY in Kolkata...Opton Telecoms scam


This is a scam,,,they are trying to get information from you...delete the number


Same thing is happening with me and my buddy from the same person calling from that number any information on who it is please post seems like there's alot of people getting this call from that same number and it's doing the same thing to everybody when they try to call back


Scam AND they called and left a message at 5:34AM! Basically a Robo VM saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit. Really? I don't think so.


Left a VM on my cell asking me to call another number for information on this case. Probably debt collector.


Random call from an unfamiliar number


Caller id (206) 431-2222, Real live human "Hello this is (pause) Better Business Bureau. This is Brittany. I would like to speak with the owner of (my business name). What is your first name? Did you just pick up the phone and I was there, like you were trying to make an outbound call? Okay, let me try in a minute after you've make your outgoing call, because it sounds a little awkward right now. Thank you."I subscribe to the Jolly Roger Telephone company to answer these annoying (and even the polite!) telemarketers. This is a service designed to engage cold-callers with its own robot to waste their time.


Thanks.  I just blocked the number. got to love smart phones.


Spam recording


A recorded message leaves a voice mail saying they're going to contact my employer and bank because I haven't resolved this matter. If I want to resolve it, I can call 866-806-3653 and reference a case number. The voice stops like it's going to give a number, but no number is given.


Have received 4 calls from this number today 601-812-5287.. Some person claiming to be from IRS .. Tax fraud, atty, etc ... Really are they so STUPID to think we don'tlisten to the news and that we don't know it's a SCAM !!!!!


It is a scam call. Do you want to get back at them? *67 your phone number to block their caller ID and call them back. Don't say anything. Just listen to them. One guy started singing to me. They will figure out what's going on. But so what. Hang up after they do and call them back. Wait for them to hang up. Rinse and repeat. They have a limited number of phone lines. Once and a while you'll get a busy signal or music on hold. If you get a busy signal hang up and dial again. If you get music on hold stay there. You are using up one of their lines. Every time you do this and the more numbers you can tie up the harder it is for the scam agents to get an available outgoing phone line to make a call.


They are trying to sell puppies and get you to pay for shipment


missed call, tried calling back and get message that the number is no longer in service


Just got a call with no message left.   Morons.


i also got a call from that number no message


They did same thing to me i wouldnt tell them any thing

3185127280 says from a lot of people it's spam and just someone asking to lower your rates etc...


I called my branch at Chase Bank and they searched their system for this phone number after receiving multiple calls a day for two weeks. It is NOT associated with Chase Bank. It is a scam caller. They try to get your account information and claim you owe them, but Chase Bank has confirmed with me they DO NOT ask for your account information or personal information when calling you. DO NOT answer this phone number and DO NOT give them any personal information.


Me too ! [***] !


mumu myanmar myawady myayatanar street.s 2no.shwelamin teahouse


Called cell phone, didn't leave message


Has called at least 40 times in the past 2 days. No one on the line. Never leaves a message


He is a solicitor. His name is Jim Cason and supposedly he is trying to collect donations for Dallas Sheriff's Fraternal Order of Police.


Telesales call to my mobile trying to sell Solar installations. I'm on TPS but they ignored it so blocked the number.Didn't catch the company name.


keeps calling and hanging up on machine


They left a message ON MY CELL PHONE claiming to be United Healthcare offering info on getting a flue shot! really??? My cell phone answering message SPECIFICALLY tells these morons - United Healthcare by name - that I will report them if they EVER call this number again! Now I am switching healthcare providers at the nearest possible date. Jerks!


Claiming to represent TALKTALK and wants to talk about router issues but calling to the number that is not associated with my talktalk account.


Have received at least 3 calls in last month from this number.  I am in the USA and I do not answer numbers I can not recognize.  I cancel the call.  From the messages seen here, I will now block the number.   Thanks for the service to figure this out.


Blocked by BT Call Guardian.


Supposed to be a call from the IRS.


When the phone rang, the ID said 'Harlan, IA'.


DONT CALL BACK THIS NUMBER ITS SPAM---( 301-787-9302 )I GOOGLE AND SEE THIS INFORMATION- ( BAD ON THIS PHONE NUMBER )information about the registry, visit, or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want to register.The Do Not Call Registry accepts registrations from both cell phones and land lines. To register by telephone, call 1-888-382-1222 (TTY: 1-866-290-4236).IF ANYTHING REPORT TO THE FCC AND DO NOT CALL REGISTRYNational Do Not Call Registry registration for consumers to stop telemarketers from calling. (United States, for-profit commercial calls only).Register Your NumberRegister Your Home or Mobile Phone Number. Registrations ...Verify a RegistrationVerify a registration. You can verify if and when your phone number ...File A ComplaintYou may file a complaint if you received an unwanted call after ...Federal Trade CommissionThe National Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal ...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Google Phone Number See 3017879302Country: USALocation: Maryland (Aspen Hill, Bethesda, Bowie)Emailjaggerjawofficial@gmail.comOther Accounts jaggerjawofficial(SoundCloud)thedcshark(Snapchat)Record LabelSleepless MusicPress Contact 301-787-9302Booking Agent Michael BeanBio-I am 23 current live in Waldorf Marylandcallername.com3017879302-BEAN,MICHAEL-Queried @ Thu 15 Sep 2016 10:53:05-M B2310 Pinefield Road-MDNot Safe If you see a number listed with this label3017879302-Marked Not Safe by IP address 71.174.4#.##2: 2016-09-15 14:52:413017879302 Queried by IP 173.9.25#.##5 2016-09-15 14:33:593017879303 Queried by IP 164.82.3#.## 2016-03-21 13:17:203017879395 Queried by IP 73.132.1#6##1 2016-01-11 18:48:453017879367 Queried by IP 202.46.4#.##7 2015-07-27 03:29:453017879300 Queried by IP 108.45.1#2##6 2015-06-03 12:47:163017879362 Queried by IP 174.236.#9##196 2015-05-09 15:07:553017879320 Queried by IP 198.39.8#.## 2015-05-04 09:12:15