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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Called and texts (below) ...Welcome to Echo load #24665905. To allow Echo mobile phone tracking, please reply YES. Deny? Reply NO. Help and T&C? Reply HELP. Msg & Data rates may apply.


Keep getting phone calls from this number about an accident i've supposed to have had,after telling the agent her infomation is wrong,the agent became agitated and being abusive.The company she represented was AAB LEGAL,i am lost for words as to they would employ idiots like her.First she gave her name as Debbie than she said it was Charllote any more calls from this motley crew i'll be seeing my solicitors.


Ayudeme a averiguar este numero 31816661.


See # 63-943-013-2614 for over 350 entries of the exact same message. Obviously using a new number now.


I was scammed by that number.


I don't know who calls me from this number


Same as above asking for unknown people and I'm ex directory!


Ant Marketing ...block them..


Left a message saying they were irs and there is a suit against me


Received call from Private number male spoke and I asked who was calling he then cut off the call. A few moments later call from


who are you ?


hangs up before i answer


Keeps on ringing multiple times and when I answer no one speaks, just silence.


Called me at 1am didn't leave a msg


I just got this and ignored it, all my family and friends are in my phone list, if anyone wants me they can leave a message, which they didn't so I'm blocking this caller. I've heard about foreign voiced people calling and making threats for money, so if you don't recognise it, don't answer it and block it.


Now this number calls me with no message .


June 13,2016 add this date to previous message.


Call me everyday for what? Who actually?


Why sms sent


VFS Global UK, they only ring if you have given your application for Indian visa or passport application.


Am registered with TPS but keep getting calls from this number.


Recorded PPI message, wanting to know my bank details.


Called me to enquire about a car crash claim, making out she was from the "third party" and can I now close the file ?Once I said its going to court because the B*****D is saying he wasn't there, she put the phone down !


CSCS Tet booking number of Ilford


be careful


Omg i got the same as you guys . Opportunities  and other BS.Thank god i searched for it and found you guys


i get repeat calls from this number ,,,,,,,,, who is this please?


I want 2 know ho this person disturbing me


from (?) technical department of BT (yeahhh!!!) saying I had error code warnings when I was on internet. If I sat down at computer now she would talk me through what to do.Told her I was busy and to give me her contact details so I could call her back at my convenience. This was number she gave


Just had a call from this number, not sure if it was a man or a woman, but i spent nearly four minutes on the phone with them. they said id been involved in a car crash. when i said i havent, they said oh, its your sister. i asked which one, they couldn't give me an answer. they said they had got my number from bt. i asked them not to call me again, and was told about 10 times that they will keep calling me. they then asked if id like to visit india to meet them, as they were having such a nice chat with me.


Called me


They call and email me but don't refer to me by name or mention their company name. I believe the culprit is three front desk positions I applied for. As soon as I got sent to a survey site with 2 of them through email i knew all the Postings were fake. I believe they are trying to steal identities.


am sure this is yet another person trying on a Scam - companies like TalkTalk, BT etc should block such numbers.


Some pension review nonsense, claim you have filled in something online and it's a follow up call to make an appointment. Thing is: I haven't filled in anything online. Scam.


Called this am to business phone during meeting about a car short shrift.


Find for me the location and from who? Or which company?


Please find for me who is the caller


Some person claiming to be from "credit investigation department" I asked him to confirm which institution twice. He hung up. Pretty sure its a scam.


This are persistent callers saying I have a text message - I listened once and it was about 'Golf' and signed from Richard, I haven't listened since.  Really really annoying - they call at all times of day and night - I've already had 5 this morning.  Been reported to Virgin so am waiting to see if anything will be done.


I just let it ring - if not known I don't answer.


I am getting missed call from this number (257-78-110008).. I got multiple missed call in last few months from the same number..


Who are you


got a call who is this?


I want to know who call me from this number


Called by someone who trying to sell me Rainbow Vacuum.


Let me know this no from where


i got a missed call


who is this?


Called twice


It's Baycorp a debt collection agency that works on behalf of large corporations such as Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, commonwealth bank, NAB etc.they become increasingly aggressive when your nearing the statute of limitation ie. 7 years after this if you have not acknowledged during this time in writing or recording they have "no case to answer" and cannot take you to court for recovery.