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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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I got a call 342pm today. I'm with Vodafone anyone else


Received a call. nothing was said.


I want to get the identification of the phone number that is provided


Didn't give them a chance to tell me what it was about. I just hung up


Who's number is this?


I have received a text from a company named DRS.


Defo  Greenpeace


Automated PPI seller


This number phones occasionally but seems one digit short of a full telephone number. Any ideas who or what the caller is?


Extremely persistent and very rude young man.


# not recognised, just two rings on cell at 13:30 BST before "they" hung up; shan't be calling back


Automated voice with list of options.  I never asked for this call.


this number is automated ppi claim


I need to know the one who called but refused to disclose self.


Did not answer, they left a message saying it was HMRC and they were taking me to court and I should press "1" to speak to my case officer!


Got four call from this number 5 minutes apart. Not message left. We are exdirectory and TPS register. However, with this number having an international prefix the TPS can not do anything about it. The country code is either 002 for Taiwan or 0027 for South Africa.


Received 2 messages from this number in the last 2 days claiming to be a company called aFS. Have ignored their messages as clearing spam calling!


asked me about a road traffic incident i was involved in (which i wasnt)  when i told them i am a litigation solicitor they hung up!!  how rude - lol


Mr Wu claim he is from Police Force and ask for my Full Name & IC number but not telling me what happen. And ask me why I call him in the first place. I haven't even use my HP today and calling 9995311, that is impossible. Singapore number 999 is an emergency number and will not reflect in caller ID. I reveal my full name but no my IC, suddenly feeling this call can be scam call. Everybody Please beware.


Also..Just got a missed call from this number.


I am receiving calls from this number, caller name is Abhishek with heavy indian accent saying he is from Eon Energy, threatening me if i didn't agree my electricity contract with him he will disconnect my electricity supply. I think he is an scammer.


Took several seconds before anyone replied, then a male Asian voice, struggling with the English language. I hung up at this stage.


They are a home improvement company called Safe Seal.


I answered and they asked for me.  I said I wasn't me and could I take a message for me? No, and hung up.  I could hear it was a call centre in the background.


A computer virus scam.


My call from this number was Shaw. I had requested a call back from a supervisor and the call came from this number.


I am but not sure who it is, they don't leave a message


who are you


I'm nikhil from hyderabad I got a call from 9136222252 some lady has called me and she told that we had case file on you. For what I had asked her she replies me to contact Mr.vikram rana he is the advocate that ur file is with him 9910934182 his number.


This number keeps calling me when I pick up no one there


Called me 13.7.16 asking for unknown man. Promised to take my number off database. Hope they do


This number text me this morning 11th july telling me or say i should call him/her thinking that is some body that i know already, but after dialing the number a female voice started


call is from Hotpoint Engineer, they had a cancellation for today did I wish to take this appointment to repair my washing machine.


Phone call from this number - no message left.


07 509 8800. Call me two times. And i pick up both of call but they not answering me. I keep hello hello with myself? 5 times i call back, they not pick up my calls.


calls daily , even Sunday,

2088400986 director


hacker, pranking a group of us, talks in hungarian


Calls every 5 - 10 mins was. So far 8 calls today. When I answer no reply. Before I add this to my banned caller list I want to speak to them.......?


Yes my complaint has been upheld by the ombudsman and now waiting on a decision from two sets of solicitors involved with three separate complaints.I hope you receive my reply sorry it's late but I rarely check this site to be honest.


Its an alarm montoring company , to let you know your home or work alarm has been activated


left no message why bother calling


Straight at me from out of left field !"Let people know where you're going" my driving examiner said as we approached a roundabout"OK" I replied, as I updated my Facebook status


I am getting calls from this number and am unsure whether to answer


Out from nowhere came this !!I started my new job this morning shifting leaves.I'm raking it in!


+44 20 35 19 7757 I can't call you back. Please, call me back or send a message


How bloody rude. Some guy from a citizen's advice line telling me i had debts that weren't getting paid and that he could help. I don't have any debts. Not even a credit card! He put the phone down on me when i told him I didn't know what he was talking about.


Called me last week i started to believe them, wanted access into my laptop, I was on the phone for over 45min with there tech guy lucky for me the phone kept cutting off and they had to re-call several times I got suspicious contacted BT they explained it has nothing to do with BT and therefore don't let them have access to anything IT'S A SCAM


Got called this morning, just blocked another router TalkTalk scam number, so am guessing they have changed to another number


I would like to know who called me.