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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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This is a scam, it's s virus scam, they have you call them and task to gain access to your computer. If you do have a virus I recommend downloading malwarebytes. It's free and amazing


Call from this number claiming to be from Virgin Media Technical Department, they wanted me to type things in to my computer so I asked them for proof of who they say they are. When I told them that I'm going to call Virgin Media to verify their story the line went dead. Suspect this is another variant on the scam where by they get hold of your computer and then blackmail you to part with money. Said they were in Manchester but they all sounded Asian and a long way away.


Trying to find out who called me?


received a call from this number 22.22 last night answered but no reply


Unknown number does not accept incoming calls ?


Why is this number called me?


caller knows my name. says i have a dyson. actually i do not but i ask where he got my number. intec data he says. i tell him that is wrong and end the call.


unknown number always calling and not answering


I received a call claiming to be from international remittance company, said I received remittance from UK, to release check i need to deposit 1500.00 sin dollar,.


Davey Stimans 45 Youngs Road Pomfret Center, CT 06259 United States User IP:


Named age Phone number Streets address Email addresses Birthday Marriage problem Family member Crimmail records


Left threatening message to take my house, take me to the cleaners, put me in jail. I rent, pay cash for everything owe nothing.


Fraud number trying to get your personal details and money. Often associated with similar/following message: Thank you very much for writing me. I am Miss Blessing Larry, A citizen of Cote ....My father was late Frederick Larry. He was a politician, a business man, a contractor and an international business man while my mother was a civil servant before both of then were killed in cold blood...Before my parent were killed, My late father deposited the sum of (US$5.7 Million dollars) in one of the leading bank in London....My plan is to get this fund transferred into your account and after that you will withdraw some money from it and send to me.. Bearing in mind that your assistance is highly needed I hereby propose 30% of this money for your expected support.




Real sounding but then when my name came up, it was automated. Said it was a debt reported to its firm and to avoid further legal process at my home or at my employment to call. Showed up as "Unknown". If it were something real, I'm sure they would contact me through mail.


Called me on a debt from 15 years ago that had been paid in full, I still have the the copy of the money order and the letter stating it was paid. Told me if I didn't come up with $1000.00 (just over twice the amount of the original debt) today that the local police would be coming over to arrest me. When explained that the debt was paid, they still insisted I pay them. Then I asked what local police would be coming over to get me because I'd be waiting outside for them, they hung up on me. So being the person I am I called them back 5 times and each time they hung up on me. TOTAL SCAM!!


This number called me supposedly from the London county court, about a PPI refund from Barclays bank. They said I had to pay commission to the solicitor who'd acted for me to claim my money. They hung up when I said I hadn't instructed any solicitors.


I understand this is a free service, can you let me know who is Registered to the phone number listed above? Thank you


PRESS GANEY is a real telemarketing/survey firm located in South Bend, IN. I think they primarily call people who have recently been hospitalized but they likely have other clients besides hospitals. They call to register level of satisfaction with their clients.


Hi Josh this is Shirlene calling in reference to your online resume. Please give me a call back at 516-354-5693 to set up an interview with one of the partners here. Thank you.


fraudolent call about energy trading


recruitment agency offering jobs from job search


called me three times... A male spoke... and delayed respone "hello sorry wrong number... byebye" so am hoping this has not dube and made me sound like i agreed to anything! as all i said "hello" "who is this" then i got there responed showen earlier above and hungup.


called me 3 time


I got a missed call from this number +88233710428, be careful people out there this is a scam. NEVER pick up and block it.


This scumbag is the worst. Steals real numbers. Get a job! Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons Cartersburg, IN 46168 Landline - AT&T Number is real - ID is fake.


exchange 742 is managed by SBC INTERNET SERVICES, INC. The number is currently on switch number IPLSINATIMD Looks like dipship is stealing live, my how low can you go.. Glad you can read English, Nimrod. Check out more posts about you and you tiny hands!


Got a message from the above number calling me a bitch pretty sure I already know who it is but wondering if there is a way to confirm.. I've texted the number many of times no response I have also called the number no answer many of times..


i need to know who is the owner






Robo-call telling me to contact them about my "Government Backed Student Loan". I never applied for a loan. I graduated 45 years ago. All they want is my personal information. Scammer, beware.


I want to know who call me.


Phoned me multiple times at different time of the day. No sound when phoned back. Immediate connection when dialed back, which is not very human like.


Person called and said Mrs. ..... by my surname. When I said who is that? Caller hung up.


What's this persons name?


Calls everyday


I got a text from +447712554540 saying: "Congrats! Your mobile number won £495000GBP Samsung UK/ASIA promo. To Validate&claim prize EMAIL your unique code: ******; name;addr;tel to EMAIL:" Obviously a scam of some description I have blocked the caller. Job done.


This number keeps calling me don't answer it but when you ring it back it just keeps ringing so no idea who it is .so I have blocked it I keep getting phone calls from no that I don't kno6w so they all get blocked it's the best way


find me this one


uygioiiuio iuhgil gu


Never got a chance to answer


This person is harassing me and my friends. It's through a fake app.


He want make me work in company UK birmingham in tribiz solution ltd, but i dont know about this person. He say want make passport for me and accomodation all. I hope you found know who is this person full name true or false


Please find what's this numbe. Received messages from this number


hi just wondering if this call was legite they rang at 13.01 saying they are some body calling from fast to help speed up pc ,etc


3 to 5 calls a day. When I answer they hang up


I wanna know, who is this person.