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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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who is call me
Message from who is call me, Today / 2015-01-30
who is this why are u giving me miss call
Message from hell, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from kk, Today / 2015-01-30
got a missed call at jan 26th,2015 8.03AM IST
Message from meer, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from hh, Today / 2015-01-30
miss call
Message from srd, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from PRIYESH, Today / 2015-01-30
who's this
Message from psj, Today / 2015-01-30
got missed calls from this number
Message from ank, Today / 2015-01-30
hae love
Message from jessy, Today / 2015-01-30
Thank u Jason Taylor u aided me to receive the cheque amounting 2800 pounds.. which was pending through the lengthy time it assisted me a whole lot with my lifetime as I used to be in a very really poor phase for my life...thank u yet again Thank u Jason Taylor u aided me to receive the cheque amounting 2800 lbs.. which was pending in the very long time it helped me a good deal with my lifestyle as I had been inside a incredibly terrible phase for my everyday living...thank u once again...
Message from HARRISON, Today / 2015-01-30
who called me
Message from rekhi, Today / 2015-01-29
Called me but I did not answer it. Called it back it says the number is blocked blah blah bla
Message from stab, Today / 2015-01-29
Who the ***are you people
Message from Ethan, Today / 2015-01-29
I also received a call from this no..on both my no.s same time (12 midninght)... there is a girl saying "Bhaiya main aapki behan paayal bol rahin hun, aap mujhey bhul gaye kya... aap ne mujhey call nahi kiya" n stuff like that... i'm sure its some M**he*f**ck*n Ch*t out there..
Message from M M SINGH , Today / 2015-01-29
Country Code: +370 International Call Prefix: 00 Trunk Prefix: 8 (planned to be 0 later) In Lithuania, area codes consist of 2 digits for the towns with 6-digit numbering. Smaller towns have a 3-digit area code and 5-digit phone number, Vilnius has 7-digit number and single digit city code. Total national number's length is always 8 digits.[1] Dialling rules: Special numbers: Emergency: 112 Special local services: 1xxx Local calls: xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx National calls: 8~xxxxxxxx (trunk code "8" is planned to be replaced with "0" in the future) International calls prefix: 00 Area codes and prefixes: 37 xx xx xx landline numbers for city of Kaunas
Message from 37069796025, Today / 2015-01-29
Calls and hang once a day. It has been three days
Message from tp, Today / 2015-01-29
Even then
Message from ghgj, Today / 2015-01-29
Sounds like this is a prankster thing but called saying I hit his car and left a note then got mouthy I went off on him then hung up.
Message from prank, maybe? , Today / 2015-01-29
Who is this company?
Message from Ama, Today / 2015-01-29
I tend to believe this may be a telemarketer calling from a list provided via the ACA website of people that have not signed up through ACA. What a scam.
Message from Fed-Up, Today / 2015-01-29
Spam. Trying to sell something to homeowners.
Message from Justagirl, Today / 2015-01-29
who is this
Message from john, Today / 2015-01-29
Ijust received a call from 228-265-9419. but i use mr. number so it blocked the call
Message from stick, Today / 2015-01-29
i just received a call. did not answer. i do not answer if i do not know the number
Message from di, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from Jordan, Today / 2015-01-29
Call me back please I receive a call coming from this number 2 days ago. And sorry if I wasn't able to answer it because I'm busy during that day. Thanks!
Message from Jordan, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from kkk, Today / 2015-01-29
The message says that this is Officer Jane Smith from the IRS. Don't disregard this message. Return our call before we take action against you. They close out the message with, "Take Care." I returned the call and spoke to "Michael" who was probably Abdul from Indonesia. He asked me for my phone number because "Jane" was unavailable. I gave him my phone number and he gave me a name that wasn't mine. He apologized and said they wouldn't call back. An hour later, they called back.
Message from Sally, Today / 2015-01-29
Received missed call today , from Lithuania
Message from jj, Today / 2015-01-29
I just got a call from this number, I called it back and a recording says it is disconnected!
Message from dartguy, Today / 2015-01-29
From Bellaire,MI
Message from Bon, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from Angel, Today / 2015-01-29
Called and hung up
Message from garett, Today / 2015-01-29
mam not woman
Message from mam not woman , Today / 2015-01-29
Whose number
Message from Laura, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from luna, Today / 2015-01-29
this is the umpteenth time these people have called my home or work the first number they used is 8559772127 now its 8444458236. these people will be shut down
Message from debbie, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from papes, Today / 2015-01-29
It rang for a little while & then stopped. I had time to answer it but felt I shouldnt
Message from Jaynebc , Today / 2015-01-29
Phone scam! A male called me from from two numbers: 208-968-7990 was the number he used last week, and now he is using 206-430-5427. He is using high-pressure tactics to try and coerce money from me to settle a payday loan he claimed I took out two years ago. I have never taken out a payday loan, much less defaulted on one. He was abusive and volatile throughout the calls, and evasive when I probed for details. He claimed to have received my file from Titan Group LLC and threatened me with a felony arrest for bank fraud, and kept telling me I'd "have my day in court." Just to repeat myself, I never took out a payday loan. He kept telling me to keep up my pretense and I would be served at work with the paperwork. He also kept offering a secondary explanation to my denial; I must have forgotten, but he was here to help. He claimed the balance owed was over $1600, but would settle with me, today, for $795. The only thing that gave his claims any credibility was that he had a few details about me: my name, the name of my employer, the last four numbers of my SSN, the name of my bank, and, obviously, my phone number. I know this is a scam because, well, I never took out a payday loan, but also because he stumbled all over himself when I pressed for more information. Additionally, he broke the fairness in debt collecting act (or whatever it's called) by threatening me, telling me I committed a crime, not giving me any details, and telling me that he would contact my employer. These are all against the law. Lastly, I checked my credit report and no such inquiry was listed, nor has ever been listed. If I had an outstanding collection for the last two years, it would have been reported, methinks. He was pretty rude - so much so that he became unbelievable, but still a little frightening. I called the local police and will call the BBB.
Message from Nic, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from a r b, Today / 2015-01-29
09.01.2015 18:53:50 I WAS CHARGED BY SMS SEND FROM NR 447537410237
Message from EQ, Today / 2015-01-29
calling person did not speak when mobile is pick up
Message from tony, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from dk, Today / 2015-01-29
I receive several calls a week from this number. When I pick up the line is dead
Message from Judy, Today / 2015-01-29
Message from John, Today / 2015-01-29
gud nit
Message from nani, Today / 2015-01-29
Received call on 1/29/15 at 11:34 am from Bandwidth SMSEnabled VoIP or "Voice Over Internet Protocol". Most likely a computer program cycling through phone numbers in the "412" area code to determine which numbers are active. The list of active phone numbers are sold to telemarketing companies.
Message from Pittsburgh, Today / 2015-01-29
i need to tawlk to shegue tawabech
Message from pierre, Today / 2015-01-29
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