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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Would like to know who this is


Threatening phone call will not identify caller. Has called multiple times


today 15:33h


Got call from this number


They keep ringing me at least 5 times a day


Dear Sir, Today i am received from your side miss call at 3:30 pm, i am Call Back you but you D'not receive my call, kindly when you See my Mail thank call me at 0505344717


please tell me which company using this number i have received an email mention this number


They rang a mate of mine and robbed him of £340.00 and his phone company cannot refund his money as he freely accepted the call, what should we do? And also who is it?


I received a call from this number the day before the Welsh Assembly elections. The lady said she was from the Welsh Conservatives, and was doing a quick survey. I politely said "I don't want to do a survey, thank you", then there was silence. I said "Hello?", and she hung up! How rude! I don't think they'll win many votes with that behaviour!


Just received a call 66977631 and hung up immediately hearing my response. Called back 8 times and each time after a few ring, the phone just hung up without answer. Nuisance call.


StanChart Priority


sir, I want to know this no.0112171770,which company using, and please give the name of company. thanking you very much.


Keeps ringing 3 -4 times a day


4th May 2016 11.53 Am also.


I want to know about his name


Man with the spiel about my pension, professional sounding voice,trying to give the impression it was government backed.Avoid like the plaque.


phone rang from this number and hung up


Hi Mary, I have just posted about the same number, if you would care to take a look?Regards


This number called me....I answered and could hear people talking but no one said a word. couldn't make out what they were say - it sounded like muffled talking in the background like someone accidentally called me but this number is not in my contacts. The caller ID just said North Walsham....


Rang my mobile and left no message. From reading other posts, Daxon was mentioned. Suspect it was one of those calls trying to get an order with the promise of extra discount.


Called re a holiday booking


Why are there no reviews for a company who have been in business for 40 years?


Called at 5:00 am I didnt get to answer on time.


Didn't pick up, expected this would be yet another marketing call


Hi i was received postcard says i must  urgent  you have won a cash award  of r1,482,551,00 is the total amount availabl,  call to claim you applicable share, we are unable to contact you by telephone or e-mail


This number calls asking for a name they've obviously found somewhere, when you say that person isn't there they rudely hang up. Scam/sales


Can ANYBODY help stop this's becoming a harassment


Hi hope you can help ,all i need is there email address i need talk to them about a pension and im not very good at pc's,can you help please? Thanks Alan


Had a missed call - then rang back to hear "Welcome to phone house" - then puts you on hold..... i didn't bother holding on...


Just got a call from this number, I'm from Portugal and I don't know this number.


I have received call from this  number and said that complaint against you by a girl in woman cell


Multiple calls no message from a landline in Skelmersdale


i have received a package from india to usa,can i know when will it reach me?


Thanks that is a big help,


Keep telling me I can claim from a road accident I was involved in????? Not had one!!


Text saying 'interesting things here:' with a url, looked very suspicious and is no one I know.


Called and claimed to be fron Talk Talk. Wanted access to computer. Kept them talking to see where the conversation was going. When I told them they were being reported they hung up...


Pan Emirates UAE, Address: Sheikh Zayed Road - Techno Park - DubaiPhone:04 810 3000


Had a missed call from this number when I called it back it says the number wasn't recognised


Automatic PIP telemarketing


Just had a call, Indian accent, said he was British Telecom and that they were going to switch off my internet for 2 months due to faults on my PC and the server. (I am NOT with BT so alarm bells rung in my head at once). However he said I could sort out the problem and prevent this if I followed a set of easy instructions. I was then passed onto a senior technician, a female with an Indian accent at which point I hung up having been aware it was a scam all along. Do NOT be taken in by these sort of scam calls.


I fell for it, the call is from the Aylesbury area, where I have a relatives, so I answered it.Sure enough, short time delay, then a woman asks how I am today, and have I had any accidents in the last two years. When I said NO, she hung up.Somebody in power, please stop these calls ?


Savers club been calling for weeks. Taken till now to make out what they say. About 10 calls monday. 8 calls tuesday. Stopped counting. Only answered to try make out who calling. Finally got is this morning. Threatened them with harrassment. We will see what happens. These people need to be taken to court.


Need confirmation who called me from number 024271511


This number busy calling me and gf n dnt who is ths person