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pretend to be from Microsoft


Very rude using the f word over and over


I got a call from this number 07/16/2016 around 1:30pm. Caller said someone was in an accident with him and was at fault. The caller said the call was coming from his phone because the other person did not have one. The caller claimed he told the person to only call their mom or dad. Claimed person was driving and in an accident in Manhattan and asked if I knew the person. I asked for the person's name and the caller said he could not get it because the person seems to have broken their jaw and cannot talk. I then asked him to describe the person and the caller said it might be hard because English is not his 1st language. The caller then said he would describe the cars involved in the accident and to let him know if I knew anyone who drove such cars. He went on to describe three very common cars: A black SUV, a silver "Honda type" sedan and another basic sedan. It was obvious it was a scam and I told the guy so. He then hung up. I did not call back. It seems like the type of scam that works by putting out vague/common information and getting you to respond with specific information. He says to call a mom or dad which might make someone respond by giving the name of their child. He describes 3 cars vaguely but they are also popular/common cars (e.g. Black suv) and he never gives a specific brand. Lastly, when I asked him to describe the person standing right in front of him, he couldn't due to not knowing English (although I had no problem understanig him), which I think was also a ploy to get that information out of me as I might have been inclined to say something like, "Is he tall with blond hair and a goatee" and the caller could just say yes. It was definitely an interesting approach.


I hate this call


5 calls so far today. Hanging up, no message left. If this is what they do on a Sunday, I am sure it is going to be worse on a workday. I will rip the phone out of the wall if I can not block it.


And what did they say?


someone from this number called me twice, when I answered no one responsed, when  I called the number back an automated system stated this number was disconnected


Robodialer that does not leave message.  When we returned the call, there is a nice recording saying that March of Dimes offices are closed right now.


They call me every time and i don't know who is he


I received a message saying IRS was preparing a lawsuit against me from the year 2011.  I have no idea what they are talking about.  Taxes are paid on time.  $2025.00 I owe, what I make is not taxable at that amount.


calls, leaves no message. if call was so important to call more than once caller should have a message, apparently it wasnt.


Travlodge Ramsgate Seafront Hotel


had many call from this number saying they a from b t and l have to switch on laptop and they would help to sort out a fault l just let them talk for a while then put phone down l think l have managed to block them l hope so because they are a pest


Watch these people, they try to scare you into thinking you owe the IRS money and you are being sued and will be arrested with in 45 minutes if you do not give them the money or info they want. Sounds like a call from India,  I checked with police and they confirmed this is a scam. If you get a call from them, report them. He goes by the name of Steve Benz. The IRS does not call, they send notifications in the mail.


Mcm mne


This is second time this guy has called me.....same voice....says "Hi it's Josh from the Customer Service Department, can you hear me ok?"Whatever scam this is........ I hang up....... and suggest you do the same




bck the truk up.same here.some guy calls shortly after i just installed new kaspersky.before that time me machine was totally haywire.kasperski must want that renewal paid i suppose .now no problems.i figure they make the puter go haywire so you renew the antivirus right away.what a monopoly and now Windows XPand Vista wont support upgrades soon.So is it buy a new platform/puter or try bootleg stuff.


Who where why


Stop blackmailing my phone number everything your saying is all lies.


Got a call from this number to my unpublished home phone. They asked me to verify my name. I advised them I would need to know where they were calling from,


I called back and got, "Hi, this is Julie from.Reward Redemption. You recently visited one of our website affiliates, and we want to give you a free voucher...".


I agree with 'really?', this is a scam, n these scammers creep me out, n 'Sarah' probably does work for them, these people need to stop stealing from us poverty stricken people who don't have much in the first place and go work for their money like everyone should aside from those who absolutely can't (which there's programs for, SSI, SSA, foodstamps, ect). They also want to have me at my house on a certain day and time which is really creepy and dangerous.


"card services "calls are so confusing when they dont even say which bank it is or store..what number do i enter as i got more than one so enter none. ez


One's best response, is no response.Many of those who work as Debt Collectors are not polite because they are not Boy Scouts and/or Girl Guides.


No mystery - scammers use faked numbers.  There are companies which sell numbers made up to look llike anywhere in the world.


Hangs up.  no message.  Ahern I call back, I get a message saying survey is completed.


One's best response, is no response.Many of those who work as Debt Collectors are not polite because they are not Boy Scouts and/or Girl Guides.  They are mainly a downtrodden lot, and their ranks include ex-convicts, drug addicts, 20-somethings without high-school diplomas and a variety of other hard-luck cases.Oh, my gawd, they are like thugs.  However, the more clean-cut types simply can?t get the job done.  So don't expect that debt collector, who is calling you, to be nice!!!


Scammer.  I believe this number is related to 416 289-5698.  The speaker sounds like an East Asian and he offers duct cleaning services. I know someone defrauded by this scammer.  Don't accept the offer or let the so-called duct cleaner guys enter your home!


this number rings me quite often and cuts off as you pick up and is always engaged when you ring back, obviously some sort of lame brain.


I owed IRS $4,000 due to fraud.  The caller called me 3 different times and left this message.


no messege left


these people should at least have some common sense, recall with area code pause brings the 911 rescue team in this well


to whom number is this we trying to calk but only voice mail is allowed


who is call me Please find this person this is Important thanks




Well Officer Smith has informed me the Police are on their way. Better get myself dressed nice I told him. He got more angry the more I countered him with the same stupidity. These people are the scum of the earth. Funniest part is that Officer Smith has gone from being East Indian to Australian all in one day. Too funny. Wish we could sick Anonymous on their A$$'s.


who is this person what is there name in address


who is this they keep ringing


Recorded message left on answering machine states this message is from IRS and is to inform you the IRS is bringing a lawsuit against you, for more information call 3614360875. Do not call back the IRS does not call and leave messages like this.


Called landline did not answer no message left cannot trace on google


Call from heavily-accented female who told me I have lots of viruses and malware on my computer. I asked where she was from - Windows department(!) I pretended to be shocked and asked her how she could tell and she got me to open event viewer - which I did, to see the normal number of errors and warnings. She sat there while I pretended to delete them all, then tried to get me to connect to some very dodgy-sounding website, which I was not about to do, despite virus & malware checkers running in the background. I asked her some more questions but the answers were extremely vague and unhelpful. Finally, after 20 minutes or so I told her I understood exactly what she's doing, and that I had kept her on the phone to prevent her from calling someone who may not understand that this is either a scam (credit card details for a guaranteed fix... not) or, I suspect, to pick up drive-by ramsonware from their website. She tried to shout me down, but hung up when I explained exactly what I was doing and why.


This number called last night when answer phone kicked in they didn't leave a message so obviously its a spam and as a venerable adult with mental health issues they shouldn't call


I have no idea who this is




Yes I did this morning at about 1135am...the area code that came up on my phone is my own so I answered it and heard an asian female voice asking for me by name...she then went into what I can only describle as some sort of sales pitch and proceeded to gabble away at me...but her accent was so strong I just couldn't make head or tail of anything she said..( although I think I heard her mention the words BT Telecom ) I interrupted her politely, told her I couldn't understand the gist of her conversation and hung up.


This seems to be happening a lot, as a computer tech I can confirm that these callers have no way to detected virus's on you computers or devices.They take to you a site which gives you a dummy reading then they try to sell you special software to remove the problem. It is all just a scam and will end up costing you your hard earned money and has the strong possibility of infecting you pc.If anyone rings you and says your computer has a virus, please just hang up on them.If you are worried about you pc having a virus, Do a virus scan with anti virus software (If you don't have any you can download AVG for free). You can also do a scan for malware and spyware using free software "Spybot search and destroy". Once you have done scans with these pieces of software you can do a final scan with a free piece of software called CCleaner.WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT BELEIVE THESE SCAMMERS THAT CALL YOU.


This number called me too, i did not pick up


Call centre, asking for the previous owner then the homeowner when told that person doesn't live here. Said she was from Blue Sky home improvements offering 50% off all products.