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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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who is this.?


This number called several times, with multiple variations. They called to say they were upgrading the fibre optic cables in my area and they wanted confidential information. When I questioned them and asked where they were calling from they hung up. When I called back and question who/what the company was they hung up again.


identify the reason


I received several calls from this number someone is calling me again and again more than many time.I am very busy person and having a big problem with this.


It was some tripped out recorded message that just said something like, "WE'RE SORRY THIS IS THE MARRIOT INN BLAH BLAH BLAH!


give information about this number


Even i am receiving the call from this number evry morning since 3-4 days, once


All in a span of one hour I received a barage of phone calls and messages stating the IRS is investigating me on back taxers.  Then they asked personal information which I did not release.  I only stated that they would have the information in their file.  Then the person below called and threatened me that unless I paid, the police would be at my door to arrest me within 12 hours.  Fortunately, someone overheard the conversation and said it was a scam.  Many other people have received the same threats and calls in the past.  They even called someone who worked for the IRS  and a CPA who works for the state department.BE  AWARESome people have received multiple calls and all with an East Indian accent.


I didn't answer, and there was no message. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. After looking at these explanations, I'm glad I didn't.


I got miss call from this number yesterday and today. Did not leave any message.


Owner name


I too have used this company and they are great. They respond to any queries and do not charge until you purchase and they have sent the goods. They will not charge if there is a mistake on their end or you change your mind. If you are getting a call, you have supplied them with the details at some time.


it's from maybank


this was a nuisance phone call,please let me know whose number this is


Just want to know from which company is this number keep calling me


Called at 12:30 am. Has called my number before. No idea who would be calling from Laredo, TX


Who is this, keeps calling me but not talking


James Caxton- from Enforcement Actions at the US Treasury. If we don't contact him they will take action against us, otherwise it will go to a Magistrate Judge or Grand Jury. Help us to help you.


Many time give a miss call I don't know why he doing like that.




i also got numerous call from this number everyday..add to blacklist still trying keep calling though


Call about financial


Telemarketing on how to make money. I don't know how they got my number


They use a computerized voice to leave a message to call 510-201-0058 which probably goes to India.  It's a scam!




Harassment - hung up when I asked to stop callingRepeated calls throughout the day


I don't recognize this number combination


Call again


I don't know why the call was made, my phone was turned off


Connected to an internet gift card scam & selling magazines I got caught in internet scam April 1 which had this number calling after calls from East Bernard, TX, Freeport, TX, Rayville, La BEWARE


They keep calling me every day


just received this 209.813.5500 unknown caller Nicky or micky Johnson, sayn I owe 3-5000 from 2010-2011 taxes, and I was threated sayn that they would take legal action, having my license etc suspended and lean put out on everything I may own, that I would be doing 5yrs in prison & 3yrs of house arrest. expect an officer at my door when I go home.. WTF!! really


si tu veut vraiment me connaître voici mes coordonnées tape ericamye sur facebook tu verra mon profil


?? ??? ???? ????




who is this


who r u this is my number


I just want to know who this is or if this is the Walmart Company because I was expecting a call but i dont know.


Check it out


A really good guy and very reliable. Had some business with him a while back and it went well. I was surprised by his honesty. After all the world has turned to,its rare to find guys like him.


Called at 3:45am. Hung up when I answered. NOT HAPPY!


He said, in a heavy accent. "This is (unintelligible) a call about regarding your computer. May I speak to the person owning the Windows in processing at your home?"From Denmark? With an accent from India? Are you F-ing kidding me?


who is calling me


This is a legitimate number:


FYI, The Department of Defense's security database was compromised for ALL DoD personnel. The records that were accessed are the Security Clearance  information provided by personnel to DoD, such as; security questionnaire,  all personal information, contact information for family and close friends, employment history, criminal record (including disclosure of knowing anyone with criminal record) contact info on ANY and ALL foreign person known.In other words, if you know or are associated with someone who IS, HAS BEEN or HAS APPLIED FOR EMPLOYMENT with the DoD, your personal data is in the hands of the thief.


They spoof numbers, it not that number calling.  They could use your number to look like a call was coming from you.


skulle skydes skide træls


They hang up once I have spoke - having 3 calls a day - block them now x


one ring and


Received a call from 0207 946 1346 to be told I was involved in a car accident. When I asked where/why they got my number, silence, she then repeated her dialogue. I hung up and will block the number. My numbers are already unlisted. There should be laws against this kind of cold selling.