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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Please let me know who is calling as in Malaysia we were warned not to answer any unknown number from UK as it might be a scam. Kindly advise a.s.a.p


Repeatedley calling me and asking me to answer some questions. I hung up.


DTS SOLICITORS PRESTON IS A SCAM. Spoke to citizens advice today who told me to not call them about a letter received because they use a premium rate number and when you call it it costs you a fortune. Scam company avoid at all costs. If you receive any letter from them just put the letter in the bin and do not communicate with them in any way


thought it was usual ppi/windows/accident-u-never-had/boiler replacement but possibly firm I may have used in dim past (according to web-search, it's Revive & Sanitise, carpet cleaning firm based out of Bedford)


Keep calling me during one week. Must be some spam call


I've had missed call alerts from this number for many days now. Today I finally spoke to "Phil from Lifetime" who had my name.Searching shows that it's Lifetime IFA based in Dartford, Kent. I've never made any enquiries of any Independent Financial Advisors so it's irritating unwanted cold caller spam.I'd suggest that others can safely ignore this caller or even block the number.


No problem !10 seconds left on the microwave.Women: set the table, pour the wine, tweet, check Facebook.Men: start a NASA rocket launch countdown


I answered and it then went dead


Just had one myself and could not understand the name of the company. What company did they say they were. For me its how did they get my number, but they just work through a list of numbers, probably from the phone company themselves i.e 02, Tesco's ect ect.


Had this number ring me Indian guy supposedly from Norton. telling me my phone was downloading spywareso I told him that's why I cancelled my norton-cos it's no good and hung up.


called to my mobile. missed call, no message left


Got a call from this number while travelling in USA


This people are prank callers or scammers. They called me just now and this guy didnt speak for one hour. I googled his number and it led me here. He says he is from du. I said we are already using du and he replied i know and didnt speak for a minute.


Random call from france, I didn't answer


Me too. I'm tempted to call back and pretend to be terrified but probably won't..


Yeah windows scammers, presumably trying to get you to install their product which you can buy for $$$ tofix the


Scam ... Said they were from HMRC


when I answered no one answer and when I try to call back un available.who own this number?


Person called Alex called me puporting to be TalkTalk... This is a fake - I spoke to TalkTalk to confirm this yesterday - he called again today with this number... Told him to "B" off


Calls no message. Call number back has recording saying they are busy but will call back regarding important matter


Who are you to call me.....


Phone rang. Asian male asked for a family member and I simply said never heard of them and hung up. I have a call blocker and have blocked the number. I deal with all calls like this in the hope that one day these time wasters will get the message they are wasting my time and theirs.


quien es


This number continually calls and hangs up


Woman trying to sell legal services - will writing etc.


As above - wanted to take over my computer !!!!


same for me always remember if you have a call from scammers pretending to be from your phone company, just tell them you will ring the company back on their line and the scammers usually hang up NEVER allow these scammers access to your computer


This number has called my cell well over 60 times in the past 3 days.


Hey JimmyI just high-fived a random mom in line at Starbucks!


yes,,from astro..they offer me new package and new decoder


Received a call from 69764999 when overseas, tried calling back but the tone sounds number not in use.


Took out insurance online and ticked the box only to be contacted by email and letter - calls 5/6 times a day while I`m in work and cannot answer to call - VERY ANNOYING!!!


Same with me,anthony.


this guy keeps calling at 3 am


called while I was already on the phone, said "Private caller"


1300643623 Call this number - this is how you stop the messages!! They cost $5 per message. Worked for me.


IRS is Suing me. When I called back and asked who it was that answered the phone they hung up. They did answer "IRS".


Call was from a company (callers name is Jack, caller ID reads Dir Asst MD) that collects debt for my company. Told him that my company doesn't work that way. He continued on with his spiel like he didn't hear me so I tried interrupting him to tell him my business doesn't work that way. People pay for their product before they leave and I don't have people that owe my business money. He immediately got mad and made rude remarks about me interrupting him. I tried to explain how I didn't need him to go on since I didn't need his service and he continued to be rude about how I didn't have manners.


Received this text mssg: Last chance to get 70% off all essay assignments, thesis, dissertations, & online classes writing. Click here to chat with rep now. My comment: This is the second time I have received a text mssg from this number. I reported it on 8-31-2016 and again today. This time I replied to the mssg and told them to stop texting me and that they have been reported to the FCC. Within 2 seconds I received the following return text: "You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number 267-613-9082. Reply START to resubscribe". I never subscribed to anything and am concerned that by responding to the text that they are now able to get hold of my private info somehow. It's ridiculous that these harassing call's and text continue even after reporting them to the FCC and DNC. Time will tell if I can another text or not. Probably will but from a different number.....Ugh!!!


Asking for personal information about credit cards I don't have. Asked to confirm my personal information by stating it to them. My name is extremely unique. This is a fraud phone number. Collecting your personal information for identity theft.


twice at 5.15pm and 5pm


Unsure about the company name, its is what came up on my caller id. These company just called my job saying there was an Urgent Legal matter. Gave the name "Amber Collins" and the same number to contact her 240-387-6825 and extension 3011. These calls are BS, IF you have an urgent legal matter they will not call you, you would get certified mail. Don't fall for this crap.


Persistent offender of harassment calls. Uncle Buck Finance LLC. They disguise their caller id using literally dozens of different numbers, all of which transfer to collections. When challenged to identify themselves stating they are calling from UB. Despite MANY requests to stop calling, call several times a day and into the evening, 7 days a week. Dispute account yet they bully and harass. This is a company that needs to be wound up in the public interest. If you receive more than, say 2 calls from this company, report each call as harassment to, the Information Commissioners Office. Report each call as causing you severe distress.


This number is linked to ex con Andrew John Clarkson - BEWARE!


please check if who owns this number..tnx..


They send message all time


I want change my adress !!!


IRS scam call.Recorded message stating I must call (did not write down number) in order to pay back taxes to avoid arrest.


Pension scammers, the old 'get your frozen pension valued for free' job