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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Kayla I got the same message as well, and he stated he'd send me a check for $2500, 500 for me and 2000 for his publisher, who would come and pick up a CD of the poems he wanted written.  It's a hoax, found it on other sites, but truthfully just took the time to look.  I've been way to busy, and unfortunately I've given him my address.  Oh but he used the name James Reed.
Message from ct66, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
I have had 15 calls in two days from random numbers every time I look uo the number there are complants ! How do I get this to STOP ! They are calling people I know and driving us all CRAZY !
Message from Mer, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Annoyed guy is right. I questioned the lady I eventually got to. She was rude and yelling at me. After a few questions she got mad and asks, "What do you think this call is about then?!" - I say, "I think it is a scam". She says, "You guessed right" then hung up on me! Swear to god. No lie.
Message from Dude in CO, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Thank you so much for this information. I was getting several calls a day seven days a week at all hours. When I answered they hung up, when it went to the recorder they never left a message. I read your post and did exactly as you said. I reached a Supervisor who assured me they would remove my number from their database. We'll see. Turns out my Step-son has been using my address and phone number on credit applications ever since we kicked him out about 15 years ago. He must have gotten loans from lots of people because we get 15-20 of these calls a day from several different numbers. If they would just call prior to approving their loans I could save them a lot of time, money and grief, but they never call until it's too late. I wrote a letter to Penn Credit about six months ago demanding that they stop calling my number. I never got a response and the calls kept coming, so I hope this will do the trick.
Message from Innocent Bystander, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Capital One Collections.
Message from Jabs, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Maria,SECURE.ADVERTISINGWEBSERVICE.COM      15260 VENTORA BLVD.  20TH FLOORSHERMAN OAKS, CA 91403(800) 936-2085PRESIDENT: JOHNATHON  BURSTEINWonder if this FRAUD uses his REAL name...???    Yea RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Message from , 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Have gotten several calls from this number but no one is on the line.  Just dead air.  Have gotten numerous calls from Google or someone claiming to be Google today.  Scam!  I just hang up on them.
Message from Molly, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Got 2 calls today answered it 2 time said I won a 100.00 walmart card I laughed at them and said I don't shop at Wal-Mart and I hung up on them.
Message from tony, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Got a call from some creep wanting to know if we would like to order max male libedo inhancer. Please people hang up, these are scam artist. When I asked  if they would like to pay to see my libedo they hung up hahahaha.....
Message from Carolyn, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
They called indicating I won a $100 gift card as well as a $50 dining gift card.  The lady indicated that she'd transfer me to her manager (which by the way sounded exactly like her). Anyway, I thought it was a SCAM and hung up.
Message from #Annoyed, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Mexican spam
Message from John, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from pawan, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
We got this call today.  Didn't answer.  If you have unlimited calling, call the number back.  When they answer, tell them you're not going to hang up.  They can hang up, but when they pick back up, you will still be on.  Leave your phone on for awhile, and they won't be able to make any calls until you hang up.  They'll probably scratch your name from the list.  I will do this next time.
Message from Jan, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Who id Thais?
Message from Kassy, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
acting strange so please beware
Message from mags220976, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Have you thought about the recycling value of useless spam messages?
Message from paul hardy, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from hi, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
got a call , telling me I have won 750000 euros
Message from vvv, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
I received a call from this number 1 minute ago (1pm PST). Listed as coming from NY, USA.No answer.
Message from Andrew, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
This number called me today but left no message although sounded like a call centre on the answer maching
Message from Battry, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
You're not providing a service. You are simply hiding behind a made-up username spreading bile about someone who is not here on this forum to defend herself. That, in my view makes you less of a hero and more of a coward.
Message from jgdugger, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Rec'd a call from this # on my cell phone.  I answered it.  They hung up.  I called it back and got a voicemail message saying, "Thank you for calling the corporate office.  Please leave a message after the tone."  Then I hung up.  Obviously it's some kind of scam, as the message didn't identify any kind of company name.
Message from Deb R, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Received an unwanted call  today @ 12:20
Message from Mike Lindstedt, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
I received two phone calls from this number, 631-206-6330.  I called a little while ago from my home number which is private to ask them to remove my cell phone number from their list.  A very rude fellow by the name of Jamison, hung up on me because I was calling from a blocked number.  When I called again, he was still very rude.  He said that a "Chris" was the owner of the company but apparently  the number belongs to a Marilyn Oberstein.  This is definitely a scammer.  
Message from Anna Ortiz, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
They send my husband a letter saying he owe money for a pay day loan. The lady said that my husband wrote a bad check. that this account was REALLY BAD..... IS all fake my husband  never got a pay day loan on writes check I do. so this is a SCAM be careful.
Message from J Martinez, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from suresh, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
calling me numerous times, saying they want to collect a debt for Comcast, for billing I owe them for last year that did not get paid.Only problem is, I haven't had Comcast for years.I've asked several times to have some evidence of what Comcast says I owe them for, but I get nothing but more phone calls.I'm not going to pay anything, until I know what I'm paying for.When I terminated my service with Comcast, I returned all the equipment, and paid the final bill. If they think I owe them more money, they darn well better tell me why.
Message from txlady, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Same, called no message
Message from Chris, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Called number back and it says this number has been disconnected.
Message from shelly, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from Jjj, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
who is calling?
Message from and, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Unknown caller, woman's voice. 5.15pm. Tues. 8th Oct.2013.  Called twice in quick succession. but 'unavailable' when checked.
Message from Seasider, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Every day several times a day. The I.D. is Ga. Usa.  I never answer it. Wish as much as we w\pay for apples Iphone that they would have something as simple as call block.
Message from jimbo, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
nope it spam
Message from David, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
I received a call from this number but I am not able to call back getting busy tone.
Message from venkat, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from Bstone, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Had this number call me, asking if i was the man of the house. When i said no they hung up. Any idea's please
Message from Chrissy, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
It's a collecting agency. There a-holes to. If you owe money and can't pay don't. Do not believe there BS that they will take you to court etc. Never happens.
Message from Angelo, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Calls and leaves message on machine  "HELLO?" then hangs up.  (male voice)caller ID says CHARITY
Message from jesus, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
idk who it is but they are calling me.
Message from text plus app user., 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
your worst nightmare
Message from smichr14, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Fund raising
Message from Camer1, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from momen, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
just got a call from this guy today, he is fake. just cursed the shit out of him. and will post his ph# so he will get calls all day from people since he like to harass people now he will feel the same
Message from drlab98, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
who are you ?
Message from karim, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
He called me
Message from jad, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from etienne, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Message from datka, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
i have received call from this number numerous body answers when you pick the call up.
Message from nihit , 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
Infinite Advisory Group harass me every 2 weeks. I tell them not to call again yet it's still happening. How can I find them, I want an address.
Message from Tim, 6month(s) ago / 2013-10-08
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