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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Spam or satellite ?




Keep ringing and hanging up on answer


I call it back in he hang up


Sounded like a solicitor.


called my cell


Fake IRS call trying to scare and scam you into paying them. Report this number to the authorities.

2673135225 (link to Do Not Call Registry) Faked ID. But they can't fake date & time of call. Report these numbers & FTC will catch them.


sorry Hindi ko Alam Kung kanino tong number na Ito pls tumawag ka agad ngayon baka importante ka sa akin


Repeated calls from this number all day promoting some kind of student loan resolution. Very annoying


Panthera Finance Scam


Want to know who is the owner of this number


Scam from the Nigerians, be carefull


Who is this caling me & for what?


Report to (link to Do Not Call Registry) Duff-weasels can faked IDs, but not date & time of call - report to the minute. Report this and all fakers, please.


calls incessantly, never leaves a message


called but left no message and don't know who it is but would like to


Report to (link to Do Not Call Registry) Faked ID. But they can't fake date & time of call. So report these numbers & FTC will catch them.


I received a call from this number from UAE


Why this number called me


had a txt from this number saying the acount linked to my mobile number was being restricted, and to follow the link to there web page. i didn't think that was a good idia so bloked the number and started to look for the number on line. all i know so far is it is russian




Same number calls all the time never leaves message


My libtard brother asked me about this phone number as it has kept calling his home phone. I usually don't talk to him because he is always asking for money and shit being the deadbeat he is, but I figured out what the number was all about. Apparently my brother is a cuck and this individual with this phone number recognized it and has been having *** with his hot wife. I called him and had a great conversation about libtards and street trash (heroin addicts and stuff). I wish the guy with this phone number was my brother instead of the loser Bernie Sanders-loving deadbeat piece of crap that actually is.


I came home to find a message on my answering machine my caller ID showed Minza , A phone number 6122163752 there was a recorded message asking to speak to a Chasity Carpenter and several questions asking for confirmation and a response and they would be open till 7 pm for a return call Possibly a collection call I have had my phone number a landline over 10 years I dont know anyone by that name and I am on the do not call list I think someone is giving out my number because I 've noticed a lot of calls from numbers and messages for people I do not know


I have received the same telephone message from several phone numbers, including this one on 19 July 2017, claiming my vehicle warranty was about to expire, and urging me to speak with their warranty specialist. I have never owned a car, and have had my phone number a long time.


Keep getting calls from this number daily, when i answer they hang up


In October 2016 I received a call from this issue of Germany and I recall ... I think it is a haker ....


want to know the name of who called me


who is this and why?


i got one call from this number 00971 - 02- 4411121 let me know who called me


Hi I keep getting missed calls from this number


This call coming from Etisalat


got frequent miss calls from thsi number


Why you call me?




i would like to know who is calling me


Got multiple calls from this number and when I called back, no response. Someone did pick up the phone, I can hear some conversations in the background, but no one answer my call. After a while, the call is terminated. Very annoying, especially when I am on overseas trips and the caller rang me up middle of the night! Will try to block this number


Spam/scam robocaller. Waste of time.


today, not sure why


They use the "we need you to sign for documents" that we are going to deliver between xx & xx hours on XX day. This is a bill collector, debt collection agency, etc. The reference number they leave is your case number. There ya have it. If they were an actual "document delivery service" they wouldn't block their number from your caller ID, then leave you the 888 number to call back!!


This crank caller has bothered us again. Pretends to be some company Divisive Consultants then tries to sell us some phony service. Spam caller that records all calls even though we told them to stop calling us and we do NOT give them permission to tape our calls. Please help us getting these spam calls to stop..


Person calling supposedly from Lenovo asking me for IP address and other network specific information. I don't have a Lenovo and have not called them, ever.


Report to (link to Do Not Call Registry) Now associated with C T Ryan. Faked ID. But they can't fake date & time of call. So report these numbers & FTC will catch up them like Abramson.


pre-recorded message "to collect your free grant money"


nrg call. energy company cold calling to get through the door to sell me insulation. beware of this type of caller you probably have better sources to go to if you want to upgrade your insulation.




I have just received a phone bill from my mobile phone provider which states that I called this SCAM NUMBER and apparently spent an hour and a half on the call which was charged at 55p / minute. £46 charge ! I have a £12 sim card and have NEVER gone over the limit since I had the card and I certainly did NOT make any call to the SCAM NUMBER for an hour and a half. So please BEWARE ! No one else has access to my phone as I live alone.