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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

Keep this page updated, guys! ;-)

several calls from this number to a UK number (me) - phone disconnects almost as soon as I have answered - perhaps when i give the fact that i am a business?
Message from husky dog, Today / 2014-07-30
Keep calling and not in contact list
Message from Eunji, Today / 2014-07-30
who are you/
Message from lorie, Today / 2014-07-30
who owns this number that called me?
Message from kaycee, Today / 2014-07-30
miss call
Message from ak, Today / 2014-07-30
I have just received a call from this number, just after receiving a call from another strange number: 6073639766. I both cases there where no one there when I answered the call, just background noice, like in an office ?
Message from Henrik, Today / 2014-07-30
I have received several calls from this number the last couple of days. When I answer the call, theres no one in the phone, just noice like in an office.
Message from Henrik, Today / 2014-07-30
who are u
Message from puja, Today / 2014-07-30
text received twice 11/7/2014 according to Virgin Media bill
Message from tonydorren, Today / 2014-07-30
this guy is harassing me alot. he calls me everyday n disturbs me alot. please help me.. i m really fed up now.. he has just screwed up my head...
Message from pooja, Today / 2014-07-30
who r u?
Message from bon, Today / 2014-07-30
Who's this
Message from dule, Today / 2014-07-30
Want to know who called me from this no.
Message from Minds, Today / 2014-07-30
I had issues with repeated calls from this number. I even considered complaining against the number. But in this process I discovered the grievance cell number of Simply Outbound, the caller company. I called them and explained my issue. They promised to stop calling me. It’s been 3 days and still no calls. Good work Simply Outbound.
Message from Nicholas Bailey, Today / 2014-07-30
I was getting calls from this number for past 3 weeks. I wanted this to stop. Recently I found a post online that claimed to be the caller and promised to stop this serial calling if I called a number and provided them with necessary details. I did exactly that and believe it or not, the calling has actually stopped. Thanks Simply Outbound.
Message from Tom Morgan, Today / 2014-07-30
got a call from this number
Message from hi, Today / 2014-07-30
whose the number
Message from boy, Today / 2014-07-29
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Message from jackkaills44, Today / 2014-07-29
called me 4 times
Message from KL, Today / 2014-07-29
They called my cell for my son, total scam. Foreign woman with really bad English.
Message from mom, Today / 2014-07-29
Message from ufgh, Today / 2014-07-29
Oh is this
Message from sjhshs, Today / 2014-07-29
Scammers! Don't engage. They almost got a money order out of me for a closed credit card account. Said I still owed fees, I was in the process of qualifying for a mortgage and panicked and gave them my credit card number, to clear the account; then I got smart and called the Credit Company and they confirmed I was all good - except now I had given scammers my credit card/debit card number! Luckily, I have a great bank who stopped all the attempts to charge the account. Then they said I had a "returned check" due to the closed account, they tired to defraud. It's been TWO YEARS and they still call every few months!
Message from Lena, Today / 2014-07-29
Checking for craigslist response
Message from Venku, Today / 2014-07-29
who calls me twice every day
Message from ar, Today / 2014-07-29
wont tell me y they r callin
Message from jcg, Today / 2014-07-29
Got a text I won a contest I don't remember entering
Message from Momof4dboyz, Today / 2014-07-29
this person is p******* me off they keep calling me. when i called them back they didnt answer wtf.
Message from annoyed person, Today / 2014-07-29
Apparently I signed up for something I didn't sign up for regarding catfacts. I haven't signed up for anything, especially regarding cats.
Message from umno, Today / 2014-07-29
Calls and doesn't leave a message
Message from Hugh, Today / 2014-07-29
who are you?
Message from nico, Today / 2014-07-29
Said they were with Master card world account and I had suspicious activity on my card. I don't have a mastercard.
Message from Charlie, Today / 2014-07-29
This number called me!
Message from M, Today / 2014-07-29
Recorded message saying that I ordered Mitt Romney bumper stickers and other things and that I can not cancel my order.
Message from Crank call, Today / 2014-07-29
Calls me twice a month about 8pm. I do not know this number or person.
Message from strovachek, Today / 2014-07-29
Didn't answer. No msg
Message from Kitty, Today / 2014-07-29
Verification code, from who? Am I being hacked?
Message from Nunya, Today / 2014-07-29
Just who called my number.
Message from Sally, Today / 2014-07-29
Why is that i got a call?
Message from joan, Today / 2014-07-29
9542108913. Scam!!!! Exploiting the do not call list for victims!
Message from Dhhlh, Today / 2014-07-29
Missed a call from this number, ... Called back ... Busy signal. They left no voicemail message ... Blocking number. Suggest you do the same.
Message from Pacificflywayradio, Today / 2014-07-29
I'm trying to find out been bothering me.
Message from mrsp, Today / 2014-07-29
I do not know who is calling me. I am working. I need to find this person out.
Message from Mattie G., Today / 2014-07-29
Someone from this number called me saying I owed 3,000 in arrears for an ace cash loan from 2009 for 688.00. I had already paid this back in 2010. The man was very nice saying that we were going to have a conference call with the other company. Then this woman gets on the phone and tells me that I did not pay the $688, and that she would dismiss the arrears of 3,000 if I would be willing to pay the $688. Which I told her I had already paid, never recieved any information from her company and that I know this is a scam.
Message from Jo, Today / 2014-07-29
you know, if you have the gall to call, leave a message!
Message from stop calling, Today / 2014-07-29
Message from paul, Today / 2014-07-29
Message from Nick, Today / 2014-07-29
call from 480-308-7007, left a message when I didn't answer. said her name was Teresa from Drive TIme and I had been approved for a loan which I had never applied for.
Message from Cindy, Today / 2014-07-29
Said he was from Microsoft and they were getting a lot of error messages could I please turn on my computer. I have a Mac!
Message from Pat, Today / 2014-07-29
A large computer Hacker group be carefully!
Message from leon, Today / 2014-07-29
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