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More than a year ago / 2013-07-16
Answered the phone and someone with what sounds like a VOX headset greeted me from JB Positions. Even though I told them I didn't fill out the survey they still pressed to sign me up. I told them no thank you. They hung up without the courtesy of a good bye. Other listings seem to say WN Positions was the greeting company, so they may have changed names.
More than a year ago / 2013-07-09
This number call my cell phone about 6 months ago saying I completed a survey... Told them that was bull, been retired for nine years. Call again my cell phone yesterday with the same story. will notify the state attorney general regarding scams...
More than a year ago / 2013-07-08
A man said "Hi am calling because you of the online survey you completed for employment" I said what survey? I don't remember any survey. He said "oh am sorry" then he hang up
More than a year ago / 2013-07-06
Called saying that you have completed a survey for employment. Don't want to give any more info
More than a year ago / 2013-07-04
Same as Jessie and John, this number calls & no answer on the other side.
More than a year ago / 2013-07-02
this number is calling an no one is saying anything
More than a year ago / 2013-06-21
this number is calling an no one is saying anything
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