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2month(s) ago / 2014-02-19
no one is ever there, don't want them pestering anymore..
4month(s) ago / 2013-11-28
Not sure what benefit we all get with posts like "They called me" or "Didn't answer".Recieved a call from thsi phone number this morning. (Thanksgiving Day). I answered to mainly bi*** them out for calling on holiday. They responded with:"This is Microsoft and have noticed you have received multiple critical errors on your computer." I couldn't hear them well and told him to speak up. He then said "Well, your computer has notified us of multiple critical errors". Still being dificult to understand, I told him to speak a little slower. That final request got him to just hang up.1st off, even if it was Microsoft I have no idea how they would get the particular number they called on, and then, of course, we all know that if Microsoft called everyone that had critical errors on their computers they would have to set up the largest calling center in the world. What a joke.
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